6 Days.  25 Countries.  You be the Judge.

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The World Ballet Competition (WBC) was founded in 2007 by Central Florida Ballet’s Executive Director, Vasile Petrutiu. 

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Since its inception, the World Ballet Competition has grown exponentially in size because of its unique elements: an instantaneous scoring system that promotes transparency and eliminates favoritism, and an internet broadcast watched by hundreds of thousands of viewers providing global visibility. 

Dancers are also drawn to compete based on the success of past WBC winners who are now enjoying professional careers at the top of their field including: Jeffrey Cirio (USA) of American Ballet Theatre; Whitney Jensen (USA) of Norwegian National Ballet; Sasha de Sola (USA) of San Francisco Ballet; Natalia Domracheva (Ukraine) Kiev Ballet; and Isaac Hernandez (Mexico) of English National Ballet, to name a few.

The WBC’s popularity has translated to generating 10 million video views through the internet as well as numerous features in magazines, television and radio shows internationally.

Danca Brasil Magazine, June 2017
"The World Ballet Competition is the best in the world and most transparent we have ever witnessed"

Australian Radio: 891 ABC Adelaide, June 9, 2016
"Compete at one of the most significant ballet competitions in the world"

Now in its 12th year, the World Ballet Competition continues to attract leading celebrities from the global dance industry while acknowledging and rewarding the future generations of eminent artistic talent worldwide.