Dance Therapy Program: Movement Mentor


Living its mission of service through dance, CFB strongly believes dance is the most fundamental of the arts, involving direct expression through the body; making it an intimate and powerful medium for therapy. With a desire to serve a larger spectrum of our community, CFB created a dance therapy program: Movement Mentor.   

CFB’s Movement Mentor program addresses the special needs of children with physical and mental challenges and disabilities (or different abilities).  This unique program partners these children with students from the student dance company to provide one-on-one dance instruction. 
Dance movement therapy effects creates changes in feelings, cognition, physical functioning and behavior.

Weekly classes are offered free of charge and held at Central Florida Ballet. Each week students complete a number of dance exercises to strengthen their coordination, flexibility and muscle control. Students also have the opportunity to meet and bond with other children with disabilities that may be similar or very different from their own.

If you have questions regarding this program, please contact the Central  Florida Ballet at 407-849-9948, ext 10.


Movement Mentor Schedule

2013-14 School Year

TIME/DAY: Fridays from 4:30-5:15PM


Movement Mentor

CFB Co-Founder, Heather Sanders-Fryxell, helps Movement Mentor participants stretch.
















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