Discount Dance Supply

Receive 10% off your 1st purchase through Discount Dance Supply Online by using the Central Florida Ballet code 50276. By doing so, you also help the Central Florida Ballet to earn points everytime you use the code!


1. Click this link or the image above:

2. The Discount Dance Supply website will open. Click ‘In Association with Central Florida Ballet’ at the top of your screen.

3. You will now see the Central Florida Ballet’s Teacher/Studio Information. Scroll down until you see Dress Codes and “currently showing”. Click the appropriate level for your child to view their leotard dress code options.

4. If you decide to make a purchase, the first order you make on the site with a reference to the Central Florida Ballet teacher program (50276) number will get you 10% off your first order, and by doing so, the Central Florida Ballet earn points everytime you use the code. Thank you for your support!





Last Updated ( Friday, 14 September 2012 )