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Creative Movement and Primary
This program is designed to introduce the young student to movement and basic ballet.  These classes are fun and are available for children starting at age three.  

The Ballet Academy of Central Florida’s Formal Program is approximately twelve years.  Students may move through the program at a faster rate depending on their commitment and ability.  They must master the level’s requirements in strength, flexibility, placement, musicality, as well as specific technical accomplishment in order to progress to the next level.  Each student will move at their own rate.  A student can be near the top of a level and still have areas to work on before advancement to the next level.  Regular class attendance is critical to a student’s progress.


Academy Policies

The Central Florida Ballet Academy's Parent Contract must be signed annually and details the Academy's rules and regulations. Please note: All tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable (this includes injury, sickness, missed classes, and/or other personal reasons). Enrollment is required before the first day of classes.


Academy Levels

Creative Movement
Students age 3 and up take a 90 minute combination ballet/tap class.


Students at this level take two 1 hour classes a week of ballet and jazz/tap.

Introductory B and A

Students at this level take one 1 and 1/4 hr ballet class and a 1 hr jazz/tap combo.

Intermediate C, B, and A

A minimum of two to three days of ballet and pre-pointe/pointe with supplemental classes in jazz, modern, and tap is required.

Advanced Program

A minimum of four to six days of ballet and pointe with supplemental classes in jazz, tap, modern, and body conditioning is required.


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